This page outlines the personal information that is processed and for which purposes.

Processing Operations

This website processes only the personal information strictly necessary for responding to your request to view a page. This information is only processed for the duration of your website visit. The webserver does not retain any information of your visits after your session. This website does not rely on cookies and does not perform any tracking.

Processed Personal Data

The following items are processed for the duration of your visit because to respond to the request of your browser:

  • Your ip address
  • Date and time of the request
  • Time zone
  • The url of the requested page.
  • Any http header fields sent by your browser (including browser type and version, language, etc.)

Lawful Grounds of the Processing

The lawful ground is Legitimate Interest (gdpr Art.6(1)f), because it is necessary to process this data in order to respond with the webpage requested by your browser.

Security of Processing

  • None of the data sent by your browser are retained.
  • Any information sent by your browser is encrypted.
  • Any unencrypted request is redirected to the encrypted version of this site. This site is also included on the hsts Preload list to indicate your browser should only initiate secure connections.
  • This server only supports tls, versions 1.2 and 1.3.
  • The data is encrypted with a modern cipher suite with support for forward secrecy.
  • Ocps requests are stapled by the webserver to avoid your browser from having to perform an ocps request and leak your visit to this domain.

More information is available in the ssl labs report.

Information communicated to third parties

With the acm Author-Izer service, you can download the final published versions of my publications with acm. To enable such functionality, the request to the acm digital library will include a referrer to indicate that were redirected from this domain This is necessary for acm to verify that you were redirected from my personal site to receive free access to the published version of my paper. If you don’t want to send this information to acm, you can always download the author version of my publications directly from this site.

Do Not Track / Global Privacy Control

This website respects any do not track headers. However, since no tracking occurs under any circumstances, there is no difference in behavior. The following headers are respected:

  • DNT: 1 (Do No Track)
  • Sec-GPC: 1 (Global Privacy Control)

Notice on FLoC

This site explicitly opt-outs of Google’s FLoC with the interest-cohort=() permission to avoid your visits from being taken into account by Chrome to profile you.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding your privacy, you can email