I am or was coaching the following master theses:

  • The impact of discrepancies between a threat model and its implementation on privacy/security
  • COVID-19: Security and Privacy Threat Analysis of Contact Tracing Apps, 2021
  • Security Threat Modeling as Code, 2021
  • Evaluation of Purpose-Based Access Control Design Decisions in the Context of the GDPR, 2020
  • Visualizing Security and Privacy Solutions in Data Flow Diagrams, 2020
  • An in-depth privacy analysis of blockchain applications, 2019
  • Cataloging and modeling Security and Privacy threat types, 2019
  • Extracting architecturally-relevant security information from source code, 2018
  • Enriching data flow diagrams with security and privacy information, 2018
  • Ondersteuning bieden bij het configureren van beveiliging binnen Software Product Lines, 2017
  • Detection of applied security techniques in Java source code, 2017

I am or was involved in the following courses: